Pub of The Year

Current Holder

2017: Druid Inn, Goginan .

The Druid Inn progressed through the regional competition to win CAMRA Wales pub of the year.

Recent Holders

2016: Glengower Hotel Aberystwyth.
2015: Y Talbot, Tregaron.
2014: Druid Inn, Goginan.
2013: Druid Inn, Goginan.
2012: Y Talbot, Tregaron.
2011: Ship & Castle, Aberystwyth.
2010: Ship & Castle, Aberystwyth.
2009: Druid Inn, Goginan.
2008: Druid Inn, Goginan.
2007: Ship & Castle, Aberystwyth.
2006: Tynllidiart Arms, Capel Bangor.
2005: No award because all the candidates had changed hands too recently.
2004: Ship & Castle, Aberystwyth. Under previous licensee, Pete Fraser.


  • Quality of real ale (and real cider, if available). Largely self-explanatory, but remember that a few - even just one or two - well-kept beers are better than a larger number of tired ones.
  • Community focus. Is the pub genuinely part of the community, does it attract a good cross-section of local people? Pointers include notices, charity events, games, clubs, and activities based at the pub.
  • Atmosphere. Is it a pleasant place to drink?
  • Campaigning and beer awareness. Is real ale promoted and interest in it encouraged? Pointers include information on the real ales served, noticeboard for forthcoming beers.
  • Style / decor. Is the style of decor suitable to the pub type? Is it well maintained and clean?
  • Service / welcome. Is the service efficient, friendly, and prompt, with full measure provided? Are you treated as a valued customer or just another sales opportunity?
  • Value for money. How do prices compare with similar local pubs? How do prices for real ale compare with prices for other beers?

Cider Pub of the Year 2017 Druid Inn, Goginan.

Recent Holders

2016: Y Talbot, Tregaron.
2015: Y Talbot, Tregaron.